FLX Info and News

FLX | WoW was formed to provide a casual yet content focus environment for its members. We strive to maintain our status in progression content, while realizing real life commitments take priority over gaming. If you wish to progress through current content while being able to step away, FLX is the place for you! Our only requirement: All negativity is left at the door. Our goal is to maintain the healthy environment we have built, no matter the recruited personality.

Interested in Joining?

If you are interested in joining FLX please fill out the contact sheet below and one of our officers will be in touch. If you are not on our realm cluster please let us know in your message.

PvE (Raid Team) Recruitment

We are currently on the lookout for additional PvE Players. The FLX Core Mythic Progression Team (Thrall-US) is looking for additional DPS roles.

PvE (Mythic+) Recruiting

With the guild growing, the multiple M+ groups that form are currently in need of additional tanks to farm and progress Keystones.

PvP Officer Recruitment

FLX is looking to develop the PvP side of the guild. With many players interested, we are in need of a full time Officer who can help organize PvP nights and recruitment for the PVP teams.

Play other games???

FLX | WoW is apart of the FLX Gaming community. Our WoW members enjoy a variety of gaming options. If you are looking for a community to enjoy more than just WoW, please reach out!

The FLX Renaissance approach.

PvE Raiding

Our core raid team takes pride in progressing through all content difficulty. We are currently pushing through Mythic raid content and looking to add a few more DPS to the roster.

FLX Raid Logs

5 Man Content

Our 5 man game is strong, forming multiple Mythic + Challenge groups throughout the week, we'll get you through the stone needed to get your max weekly reward.

FLX M+ Logs (When Applicable)

PVP Heroes

Our casual PVP approach keeps the weekly rewards flowing. We are currently looking to develop the PVP side of the guild, with the hopes of dominating arenas and RBGs.

Alt Much?

Just about every member of our guild enjoys keeping up to date on multiple classes. We provide an environment for you to gear your alts in M+ and Raid content. Just don't ask the Guild Leaders about Norris.

Open World Story

Our guild works together through the continued progress of the open world goals. If keeping up to date on World Quests, new content zones, and all released content is your play style, we'll join you on the adventure!

Timewalking and Old World

No matter the weekly event going on, you can catch us farming the rewards. From Timewalking to Mog farming old world content, anyone is free to tag along.

You are not Prepared.

Meet the Guild.

You can find our full Thrall-US roster by clicking HERE.

Pythoe - Guild Master



Experienced with building guilds since Vanilla, Pyth's primary focus is the guilds environment. Working to expand the guild into each aspect of the game, keeps the doors open for any interested players.

Co-Guild Master



Scythxx.. well.. is Scythxx. Experienced in leading teams though each expansion, his hilarious but goal seeking personality keeps us busy.


Thrall US


Joining as one of the guilds Tanks, Watermelon has rolled like 8 toons because he can't make up his mind. With his strong personality and experience, he fits in well as one of the guilds raid leaders.


Thrall US


Tug is a top knotch gentleman. His kind and calm mannered nature makes it easy to follow him into progression as one of the guilds Raid Leaders.


Thrall US


As one of our two New Member & Recruitment Officers, Rooster is working hard with his Co-Officer Happy to provide an open book FLX experience. Need to know anything FLX related? Do not hesitate to reach out to either.